The Adventures of Drummond, Fenfaril, and Chance Glitterbottom

Approaching the Keep

The Bridge

Fenfaril, Drummond and Chance find The Keep surrounded by a deep chasm, about 1/2 mile wide and 150 feet deep, filled with some sort of viscous muck. There’s an ancient narrow bridge (which looks similar to a Roman aquaduct) spanning the chasm, but as none of the party currently trusts bridges, so Fenfaril conjures a magical bridge running parallel to the real one.

About halfway across the magical bridge, a figure on horseback appears. As they get closer, it is revealed that the figure is some sort of animated corpse wearing armor with mechanized bat wings and riding a jet-black steed with glowing red eyes.

The bat-winged knight lifts a huge sword over its head. The sword begins to emanate some sort of magical charge.

Drummond severs the nightsteed’s rear leg, and Fenfaril blasts the night with a fireball, shunting the spell by destroying the magical bridge and transferring the magical energy in the process.

Everyone jumps at once, but Drummond doesn’t quite make it, and falls to the muck below. Perhaps it was the gravy-like consistency of the moat that kept Drummond alive, but he didn’t take much damage.

The corpse inside the armor is destroyed, but the armor is still animated, and raises the sword once again. Fenfaril dispatches it with a “dispel magic” spell.

Rescuing Drummond AKA The Moat Monster/Animated Toxic Alchemical Sludge Residue

  • Fenfaril creates a mystical ladder from the bridge to the bank of the moat.
  • Chance descends the ‘ladder’
  • Getting Fenfaril out of the moat
  • Muck Monster

The Treasure Monster

  • The coin “Zomega Corporation”

The Ancient Crypt

  • “Whoever disturbs my sleep will be turned to dust”

Fighting with the Ancient Vampire Queen

  • Treasure: Vampire Queen’s crown, Vampire Queen’s necklace.


Brennen Brennen

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